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Watch: ‘Poop Tornado’ Hits Massachusetts Homes After Underground Blockage

A “poop tornado” damaged homes in Massachusetts last week after a sewer line blockage caused raw feces to violently spew out of toilets and splatter everywhere.

On Thursday morning, the “poop tornado” hit four residences in Melrose, Massachusetts, Fox News reported. Witnesses described the incident as a “crazy scene” without warning, and unfortunately, some homeowners will have to spend thousands of dollars to get rid of the sewage that destroyed their living spaces.

SEWAGE BACKUP: People who live on Brazil St in Melrose say the DPW overpresurrized a blocked line which caused sewage to back up in to their homes. The residents say they have to shell out $ for cleanup until insurance covers. One resident caught it all on camera. @7News

— Alex DiPrato (@AlexDiPrato) June 21, 2019

“I was getting ready for work and then I heard a bubble,” Siliva Ortiz, a resident, told WHDH in an interview. “It was a crazy scene. It literally just spun and flowed out.”

Some Melrose residents dealing with massive sewage backup into their homes. Major cleanup with extensive damage to floors and walls. And they say they felt “stranded” by the city. #WCVB

— Sera Congi (@seracongi) June 21, 2019

The “poop tornado” ruined most of Ortiz’s home, including her entire bathroom, floors, and walls, and also destroyed her wedding dress, The Boston Globe noted. Ortiz will have to pay $8,000 to get rid of the sewage mess as well, and she was very annoyed that it took the city of Melrose 24 hours to respond when she needed help after the gross incident.

“I pretty much told [the city], ‘I don’t know what’s more disgusting: the feces in my living room or the way the city is responding to it,’” Ortiz told The Boston Globe.

Massachusetts residents see ‘tornado of poop’ after sewer line blockage

— Johnny Brightman (@Johnnybrightman) June 25, 2019

In a statement to WHDH, Melrose Mayor Gail Infurna said city workers who responded to a call about a possible underground blockage on Brazil Street on Thursday discovered that the main sewer line had a blockage, which resulted in the entire system becoming backed up and causing the “poop tornado.” The blockage has been repaired and the city is still trying to figure out what caused the messy scenario in the first place.

“Our top priority right now is the safety and well-being of the residents of Brazil Street,” Infurna said in a statement to WHDH. “I have directed my staff to assist residents with emergency accommodations and we will continue to monitor the situation closely.”

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‘Diablo 4’ shown internally at Blizzard, but it won’t launch this year

Remember all that ruckus at BlizzCon last fall about Diablo 4 supposedly being postponed? At the time, fans were angry at Blizzard for not unveiling the next chapter in the franchise, and the company had to publicly clear up the facts, saying that it never meant to unveil the game at the event in the first place. Fast forward to June 2019 and we still have no idea when Blizzard will unveil the game, but a new rumor says some employees have already seen it, right alongside Overwatch 2. Now, for the bad news: Don’t get your hopes up for a 2019 launch for any of them.

The best reason not to launch the game this year concerns hardware. Both the next-gen Xbox console and the PlayStation 5 will hit stores during the Christmas 2020 season, and Diablo fans will probably appreciate buying Diablo 4 bundled with the console of their choice.

BlizzCon 2019 kicks off on November 1st, so there’s plenty of waiting left to do before the potential Diablo 4 announcement. That would be the perfect place to unveil it, assuming 2020 really is when the game will be released.

This is all speculation based on a paragraph from a story from French-language Le Monde that focused on the current state of affairs at one of Blizzard’s offices in Paris. Specifically, Le Monde looked at Blizzard’s planned layoffs in Europe that were announced back in February. But French employees still have no clue who’s leaving the company. Some 134 people out of the 450 people who work at Blizzard’s Versailles branch will lose their jobs. Blizzard is letting go of about 800 employees around the world.

Against this backdrop, LeMonde revealed that Diablo 4 was already shown to some Blizzard teams. Here’s the paragraph in question, translated from French by Icy Veins:

What about the future? Teams at Blizzard Entertainment have already been presented with the long-awaited Diablo 4 and know that a new Overwatch game is in development. But neither of these two games will be released before 2020, at the very best, and employees at Versailles have no idea if they will still be around when they eventually release. ‘Activision Blizzard will be making less of a profit, but this will still amount to a lot of profit,’ says a veteran employee.

Le Monde is a trusted, well-known French publication, so it’s not making things up unless the disgruntled employees it has spoken to are making stuff up themselves. All we can do is wait for BlizzCon 2019 to see whether Blizzard has anything new to announce for either Diablo or Overwatch.

OnePlus 7 Pro Almond limited edition now available in Europe

The limited edition Almond color option for the OnePlus 7 Pro has finally arrived in Europe, following its launch in the US and China and in India earlier this month.

OnePlus 7 Pro Almond limited edition

The phone is already available, the sale started at 9 UTC. Note that the Almond version is available only in the 8/256GB configuration and costs £700/€760 (same as the Mirror Gray and Nebula Blue versions with this much memory).

The Almond-colored OnePlus 7 Pro is a limited edition model, but the company doesn’t say how many units are available. Head over to if you want one.

Color aside, the phone is identical to the OnePlus 7 Pro we reviewed.

It might be June, but Amazon’s Black Friday iPad sale is back

Did someone forget to tell Amazon that Black Friday is long gone? Don’t get us wrong though, we’re more than happy to tell you that the retailer’s Black Friday prices on Apple’s current-generation iPad are back, giving you the opportunity to snag one for as little as $249! That price gets you the 32GB iPad, while the 128GB iPad is on sale for $349. Both of those prices represent $80 discounts, and they’re the best prices you’ll find anywhere right now.

Here are the highlights from the product page:

9.7-inch Retina display A10 Fusion chip Touch ID fingerprint sensor 8MP back camera and 1.2MP FaceTime HD front camera Two speaker audio 802.11ac Wi-Fi Up to 10 hours of battery life Lightning connector for charging and accessories iOS 12 with Group FaceTime, shared augmented reality experiences, Screen Time, and more

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Annette Bening, John Lithgow Join Star-Studded Cast for Live Reading of Mueller Report

The 448-page redacted Mueller Report is not on most people’s summer reading list.

But you can still fulfill your civic duty by watching a star-studded live reading of the document, recorded Monday by bipartisan organization Law Works.

“The Investigation: A Search For the Truth in 10 Acts” was penned by Robert Schenkkan, directed by Scott Ellis, and stars some of stage and screen’s biggest celebrities.

The live reading takes viewers into the heart of the Mueller report—publicly released in April. Specifically, it references the 10 episodes of potential obstruction of justice by Donald Trump before and during his presidency.

“Robert Mueller says the report speaks for itself,” journalist and political commentator Bill Moyers said Monday as he introduced the special event. “Tonight, that voice resonates through a cast of remarkable actors.”

Annette Bening, Kevin Kline, John Lithgow, Michael Shannon, Gina Gershon, Alyssa Milano, Kyra Sedgwick, Alfre Woodard, and Zachary Quinto joined Frederick Weller, Ben McKenzie, Noah Emmerich, Justin Long, Jason Alexander, Wilson Cruz, Joel Grey, Piper Perabo, and Aidan Quinn on a New York stage this week.

Mark Hamill, Sigourney Weaver, Julia Louis-Dreyfus, Bob Balaban, and Mark Ruffalo also made video appearances.

Despite the serious nature of the report, a live audience managed to find some humor in the performance—particularly Lithgow’s dramatics and Master of Ceremonies’ Joel Grey’s drawl.

“The Mueller Report is required reading for every American who cares about defending our democracy,” the Law Works Facebook page said. “It shows that President Trump likely obstructed justice and that his campaign not only knew Russia wanted them to win, but welcomed it.”

Missed the livestream? Watch the full one-hour-and-17-minute event online, where you can donate to Law Works’ political mission.

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afriQloud launches in Uganda, 15 African countries to follow in 2020

June 25, 2019 • Cloud Computing, Digital Transformation, East Africa, Startups, Top Stories

afriQloud launches in Uganda, 15 African countries to follow in 2020

afriQloud launches in Uganda, 15 African countries to follow in 2020

afriQloud launches in Uganda, 15 African countries to follow in 2020.

BringCom, in partnership with science and technology investor, Imprimatur Capital, and European edge cloud software company, GIG Technology, have unveiled afriQloud.

Launching in Uganda, afriQloud aims to provide customers with an innovative and secure cloud service.

Hans van Linschoten, CEO of afriQloud says “we see significant potential in the growing African cloud market, and we’re excited to bring this service to the continent. By the end of 2019, we will complement the few developed markets with a powerful and locally distributed cloud in at least 15 countries. This ensures data sovereignty for institutions and governments within Africa’s shores.”

Most of Africa’s online content is currently hosted on servers outside of the continent. Implementation of edge cloud computing services in Africa has been adversely affected by the lack of reliable and secure connectivity from various service providers. 

“Although cloud adoption is predominantly private, the African markets are generating growth of 30 per cent in public cloud sales. Few other ICT market segments in the African tech ecosystem have the potential of adding an incremental $2 billion in top-line revenue over the next 5 years” says Mark Simmonds, Chairman of GIG Technology. 

Fabrice Langreney, CEO of BringCom, says “opening up of the global market will require African companies and organisations to be equally competitive in the deployment of e-solutions, scalability, secure data accessibility and connectivity in line with international standards.”

afriQloud is also building bridges to the African incubators and tech hubs. More than 440 tech hubs are available today and more funding is being raised by tech startups across the African continent. The aim of afriQloud is to have the Edge Cloud installed in cities and tech hub ecosystems that host a higher number of startups and developers. 

Willem Hendrickx, CEO of GIG Technology, says “we believe in partnerships and the creation of local economy using our cloud technology. Having assessed the cloud readiness of different African markets, we are thrilled to launch in Kampala.”

Linschoten adds, “we have hit the ground and we intend to keep up the pace. This service in Africa is long overdue. In a few months, we will expand our service in East Africa – Tanzania, Kenya, Rwanda, and Ethiopia will be afriQloud active very soon. We are working through channels in Southern Africa as well – Zambia, Angola, Botswana, Namibia, Mozambique are our next target markets. And of course, the West African region is good and ripe for the plucking. Nigeria, Ghana, Senegal, Ivory Coast, and Cameroon – we’ll be present in all

One of the Pixel 4’s best new camera features came to the iPhone three years ago

With a single teaser image, Google confirmed several of the recent Pixel 4 leaks that said the phone will have a design similar to what’s coming to the iPhone 11 when it comes to rear cameras. It also told us that the days of single-lens photography on high-end smartphones are gone, implying that it was probably wrong not to place a dual-lens shooter on the back of the Pixel 3 phones. But the Pixel 4 isn’t only going to get an extra lens on the back, a new report shows. Google is also working on other new camera features, including one that has been available on the iPhone for three years.

New findings from xda-developers show that Google is working on supporting a richer color gamut, P3, support for which Apple first introduced on the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus back in 2016.

P3 shows a broader color gamut than sRGB, and that’s why iPhone photos look better than their Pixel counterparts when it comes to the color range, as long as you have devices that also support the P3 gamut when viewing those photos — and that includes apps, of course.

Google is apparently working on bringing color management to Android apps, with code found in the Google Camera app suggesting that wide-gamut P3 support is in the works. Google almost certainly wouldn’t prepare apps to properly display P3 colors if it weren’t also upgrading the Pixel’s camera to take photos in P3 gamut.

It’s unclear if wide-gamut P3 support is also coming to the Pixel 3 phones, which were rumored last year to support P3 photography, something that eventually didn’t pan out. Software updates in Android Q could unlock P3 photography on the Pixel 3. But if support for P3 is indeed in the works for Android Q, then it’ll likely be presented as a Pixel 4 camera highlight at Google’s upcoming Pixel launch event.

How libra could upend Facebook’s business model

Mark Zuckerberg

Facebook’s plan for a new cryptocurrency has the potential to change entire industries. A more likely outcome is that the technology transforms the social media giant’s own business.

While Facebook makes most of its revenue from advertising, CEO Mark Zuckerberg says the future is private messaging. That’s a tough venue for data-hungry digital ads, so Wall Street has been wondering how the company will make money from this new future. Libra, the crypto coin Facebook announced last week, provides a tantalising answer.

“Libra could introduce a meaningful new product and profit stream for Facebook over the coming years,” Citigroup analyst Mark May wrote in a recent research note titled “Facebook’s Path to Printing Even More Money”.

China’s WeChat and QQ show what’s possible when messaging apps cleverly fold payments and other services into the mix

Facebook has more than 1.5 billion users on both WhatsApp and Messenger yet makes almost no money from the messaging services. Last week, when Facebook revealed its libra plans, the company also said it would soon put new digital wallets inside these apps so users can easily use the cryptocurrency to send money to friends and businesses anywhere in the world. If the plan works, WhatsApp and Messenger will become new payments and commerce hubs that take small-but-profitable cuts from billions of transactions, according to May and other analysts.

“This move is a strong indicator of Facebook’s intent to become a transactional platform (through Messenger and WhatsApp), expanding well beyond its massive advertising business,” wrote SunTrust Robinson Humphrey analyst Youssef Squali.

Emulating Tencent

Facebook has a patchy record in payments, and libra has been pooh-poohed by some crypto purists. But China’s WeChat and QQ show what’s possible when messaging apps cleverly fold payments and other services into the mix. WeChat and QQ make money by facilitating payments between users and merchants, distributing mobile games and selling digital goods such as stickers and avatars. The services have turned owner Tencent into the most valuable publicly traded company in China.

Facebook’s crypto push could facilitate similar offerings in payments, shopping, apps and gaming, while tapping into the company’s huge user base in Asia, where it has nearly four times as many monthly active users as it does in North America, according to RBC Capital Markets analyst Mark Mahaney. Libra “may prove to be one of the most important initiatives in the history of the company to unlock new engagement and revenue streams”, he wrote in a recent note.

For now, Facebook and its new subsidiary Calibra, which is building the digital wallets, are framing the new currency as a way for individuals to send money to each other across borders. David Marcus, who is leading Facebook’s libra efforts, said that the company doesn’t plan to take a fee when people send money to friends, and will likely charge “tiny transaction fees” for payments to businesses.

That could be the first step toward something more lucrative. Before Facebook, Marcus was president of PayPal, the largest independent

Pick up an Anker fast wireless charger for only $9.99 before this sale ends

Anker’s various charging accessories always give you the best possible quality at surprisingly low prices, but sometimes those prices are even lower than normal. Case in point: the wildly popular Anker 10W Qi-Certified Wireless Charging Pad normally sells for $14, which is already a fantastic price. Head over to Amazon by the end of this week, however, and you can clip a $4 coupon to get it for just $9.99!

Here’s some additional info from the product page:

The Anker Advantage: Join the 30+ million powered by our leading technology. The Need for Speed: A high-efficiency chipset provides 10W high-speed charging for Samsung Galaxy, while iPhones get a boosted 5W charge that’s 10% faster than other wireless chargers. FOR BEST RESULTS, use a Quick Charge adapter (9V/2A) for Samsung Galaxy charging and a 5V/2A adapter for iPhone. LED Indicator: The LED indicator lets you know the charging status. If the indicator is FLASHING BLUE: 1.Check to make sure that there are no objects between your phone and the charging surface. 2.Restart your phone. If the indicator is FLASHING GREEN, please try a different adapter and cable. Case Friendly: Don’t fumble with your phone case. PowerWave transmits charging power directly through protective cases. Rubber/plastic/TPU cases UNDER 5 MM THICKNESS ONLY. Magnetic and metal attachments or cards will prevent charging. What You Get: PowerWave Pad, 3 ft Micro USB Cable, welcome guide, worry-free 18-month warranty, and friendly customer service.(no AC Adapter)

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iPhone XI cases show a Lightning port, offer another look at the square camera hump

There were rumors that the iPhone XI models will follow the iPad Pros and drop Lightning in favor of a USB-C connector. Renders of Olixar cases posted by MobileFun pour cold water on our hopes, however.

The case shows only a small hole at the bottom, not big enough to fit the larger USB-C plug. Apple’s 2019 iPad models also use Lightning, so it’s clear that Cupertino isn’t ready to make the switch yet.

A prominent feature on the case is the square cutout for the camera hump – it’s not the prettiest design. If you were hoping that this rumor was also false, it’s time to start accepting that the square is happening.

Tempered glass protectors for the camera and for the screen

Olixar even made a tempered glass protector for the camera. It fits right over the camera hump and features four holes – three for the cameras and one for the flash. A tempered glass protector for the screen shows the front notch design hasn’t changed. Note that the screen protector should represent the notch more accurately than the first render above.

Flipping over to the XR accessories, we see the same square cutout in the case, but there are only two cameras.

The iPhone 11R will also have a square camera hump but with only two cameras

By the way, Olixar calls this the “iPhone 11R”. We guess it’s better than “iPhone XIR”. Similarly, the premium models are called “iPhone 11” and “iPhone 11 Max” rather than “XI”.

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Noctua Shows Off Updated 'D Series' 140mm CPU Coolers: NH-D15 Gets A Successor

During Computex 2019, Noctua announced its plans to update its fabled D series of CPU coolers with a new design. The new, currently-unnamed coolers incorporate an extra heat pipe as compared to the current NH-D15 and NH-D15S, as well as increase performance and utilize an asymmetrical design for improved PCIe slot clearance.

Noctua of course is well known in the air cooling market for its high quality fans and coolers, which are aimed at the premium end of the market and deliver some of the best performance on the on the market today. Not hurting the company’s visibility either is their highly distinctive beige and brown color scheme, which make their products easy to tell apart from more commodity products.

At Computex in addition to its fanless concept CPU cooler design, Noctua also had its next generation of D series CPU cooler on display. The new cooler features seven heat pipes – up from the traditional six of the previous NH-D15 models – and the heatsink itself has been tweaked to offer 10% more surface area for heat dissipation than previous models. One of the most interesting aspects is that Noctua revealed that the new D series coolers are designed to dissipate up to 400 W of heat, which makes them highly suitable for beefier sockets such as AMD’s TR4 and SP3.

Showing off one of the prototypes in action, the company had one of the new coolers setup against one of its current NH-D15 models in a custom designed test chamber, using the two otherwise-identical test systems to show the differences in performance between the two models. And since this was designed to be a test of the heatsink and not the fans, only the heatsink itself was swapped here; both systems used the same NF-A15 PWM cooling fans.

The new D series cooler is on the left, the pre-existing NH-D15 is on the right

Overall we didn’t see a massive difference – and to be fair, it was very hot (ed: Taipei in June), so ambient temperatures were running high – but none the less, the prototype cooler did come out consistently ahead of the NH-D15. In its custom chamber, the new D series cooler had one degree advantage over its predecessor.

Shifting gears to retail matters, Noctua is planning on releasing two versions of the new D series coolers, rolling out both a single fan model and a dual fan model. The new coolers will include a traditional multi-socket mounting kit, which will support AM4, LGA20xx, and LGA115x. Meanwhile there will be separate dedicated TR4 models due to the larger base plate needed to properly match the large IHS used on AMD’s Threadripper processors. Each cooler will also be bundled with a tube of its new NT-H2 thermal compound.

At this point the company hasn’t announced an official release date, but it’s likely that the next generation of D-type coolers will be available by the end of the year, with a pricing structure similar

Prime Day just came early for a bunch of different Philips Hue smart lights

Prime Day 2019 is still a couple of weeks away, but you wouldn’t know it if you’re shopping for Philips Hue’s various LED smart lighting products right now on Amazon. There are tons of discounts available today on all sorts of popular Philips Hue products, with prices that have been slashed by as much as $60! You can save $10 a piece on Philips Hue A19 multicolor LED smart bulbs, $12 on the insanely popular Philips Hue LightStrip Plus, Philips Hue A19 white LED smart bulbs are down to just $10 a piece if you buy them renewed, and there are plenty more deals to be found. You’ll find all the different Philips Hue deals right here on Amazon’s site, and the best ones are listed below.

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Image Source: Philips Hue

Namola launches Namola Plus and Namola Panic Tracker

June 25, 2019 • Online & Social, Southern Africa

The Namola Panic Tracker is available for a once-off fee of $97.74 or $5.52 per-month

After the success of its free safety app, Namola has launched Namola Plus with added features and benefits as well as the Namola Panic Tracker.

The Namola Plus will include all the same features of the free app, with new features such as armed response and private emergency medical services. Namola Plus users will receive Armed Response to their distress signals if they are within the Armed Response coverage area. In addition to this, the users will also receive private EMS if requested. The user does not need to be on medical aid to receive the emergency medical service. Namola will also provide pre-arrival medical advice from their partner’s on-call medical emergency staff. The Namola Plus will cost $3.42 per-month.

The Namola Panic Tracker is an extra service at the cost of either once-off fee of $97.74, or $5.52 per-month. The Namola Panic Tracker is a standalone physical panic button that comes with built-in GPS and SIM. There is no need for a mobile device in order to use the Namola Panic Tracker. This service comes with all the features of the Namola Plus but in the form of a physical portable button. Once the button is pressed, Namola will attempt to reach the user on the device. The Panic Tracker also, with the user’s permission, allows a user’s emergency contacts to track them through the device.

Namola exists to help improve personal safety and security in South Africa. Primarily we are a community-focused application that aims to get citizens the fastest help possible in any emergency, anywhere in South Africa. Namola Plus now enables us to offer even more peace-of-mind to more South Africans. Additionally, we can now serve business customers who want to protect staff or clients, such as Estate Agencies, Hospitality and Tourism and Transport. Namola Plus and the Namola Panic Tracker are ideal for anyone finding themselves on the road or in environments where the assurance that they can get professional help fast, at the simple press of a button, is vital,” says Namola CEO Peter Matthaei.

The free Namola app and the Namola Plus are available on both the Apple App Store and the Google Play Store, and the Namola Panic Tracker is available for purchase on the Namola website.

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Google Wants to Teach Kids About Phishing, Fake News

When I was a kid, the only computer literacy I learned was Mavis Beacon Teaches Typing.

Fast forward 25 years, and there is a whole online world children must learn to navigate.

Thankfully, Google is here to help.

The company in 2017 introduced its “Be Internet Awesome” curriculum to teach young people the fundamentals of digital citizenship and safety.

Now it’s launching six new activities designed to aid kids in analyzing and evaluating online media.

Developed in partnership with the Net Safety Collaborative and National Association for Media Literacy Education, the new program covers everything from responsible communication and fake news to personal security and anti-bullying.

“We need the right tools and resources to help kids make the most of technology,” Amy Mascott, educator and founder of, wrote in a Google blog post. “And while good digital safety and citizenship resources exist for families, more can be done for media literacy.”

Through instruction, activities, and discussions, these new classes provide students with vital information, like how to avoid phishing attacks, prevent identity theft, identify credible sources, spot fake URLs, create strong passwords, recognize harassment or bullying, and more.

Frankly, we could all use a refresher course on how to be a decent person on the Internet.

“Kids today need a guide to the Internet and media just as they need instruction on other topics,” Mascott said. “We need help teaching them about credible sources, the power of words and images, and more importantly, how to be smart and savvy when seeing different media while browsing the Web.”

Google’s new curriculum is available online in English, Spanish, and eight other languages for teachers, parents, and guardians.

Its overall goal, according to TechCrunch, is to encourage kids to make checking news and information a habit—not only those headlines and links that seem suspicious.

The company is partnering with the YMCA and National PTA to host online safety workshops across multiple cities.

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Leaked hi-res images give us our best look yet at Apple’s iPhone 11

There will be several high-profile flagship smartphone launches between now and early September, but Apple’s upcoming new iPhone 11 is already stealing the spotlight. We’ve got the Galaxy Fold, the Galaxy Note 10, and several big launches coming up in China. In fact, the world’s first smartphone with a hidden under-display selfie camera could be announced as soon as tomorrow. Still, all eyes are already on Apple’s unreleased iPhone 11, iPhone 11 Max, and iPhone 11R (or whatever Apple ends up calling them), the designs of which have been revealed in a series of leaks from numerous reliable sources.

In much the same way that the iPhone 7 was really the “iPhone 6ss” since it used the exact same design but spiced things up with exciting new features, the iPhone 11 is shaping up to be an “iPhone Xss.” It’ll sport the same overall design with a few minor tweaks and a massive new camera bump on the back. That new camera bump will be a bit of an eyesore at first, but it’s also the key to several of the best new features expected to arrive on the iPhone 11, such as an enhanced night mode for the camera that should yield low-light photos that rival Google’s Pixel phones.

We have indeed seen the iPhone 11 leak plenty of times already, but this latest leak comes from a source with a terrific track record and it might give us our best look yet at Apple’s unreleased iPhone 11.

Online retailer Mobile Fun is often the recipient of renders from one third-party accessory maker in particular that depict unreleased smartphones. That accessory maker is Olixar, and it’s back with a new set of protective cases. This time around, they’re for Apple’s upcoming new iPhone 11 Max, the phablet-sized iPhone 11 model Apple will release later this summer.

There aren’t any surprises in these new renders per se, but Mobile Fun sent us hi-resolution versions of the images and they give us a great up-close look at Apple’s iPhone 11 Max design. Here they are in all their glory:

Image Source: Mobile Fun

Image Source: Mobile Fun

Image Source: Mobile Fun

Image Source: Mobile Fun

Image Source: Mobile Fun