Samsung Galaxy A12 and Galaxy A02s announced: 6.5″ screens and 5,000 mAh batteries

We’ve been hearing about the Galaxy A12 and Galaxy A02s for some time now and today Samsung made both smartphones official as the first members of its Galaxy A (2021) lineup. Samsung Galaxy A12 The Galaxy A12 succeeds the Galaxy A11 introduced back in March and brings upgrades to the camera and battery departments. The Galaxy A11 packed a 4,000 mAh battery, whereas the Galaxy A12 ships with a 5,000 mAh cell, both charging at 15W. The A11 featured a triple camera setup on the back comprising a 13MP primary, 5MP ultrawide, and 2MP depth sensor units. The A12, on the other hand,…

Google teams up with Disney for The Mandalorian AR Experience

Disney’s hit series The Mandalorian is the latest addition to Google’s AR experiments with the release of The Mandalorian AR Experience app on Google Play. The free app puts you as a bounty hunter on the trail of Mandalorian and his accomplice Baby Yoda through key locations from Season 1 of the show. The Mandalorian AR Experience app Google says it worked closely with Disney to optimize character models and scenes for 5G devices, but you don’t actually need a 5G connection to run the app. Content from Season 2 of the show will be added to the app soon. You can…

Working from home with Yealink

A year ago, nobody would have imagined that working from home and the home office would be such a topical subject, but the last few months have caused us to rethink and re-evaluate how our businesses are run and what is essential. What has become very clear, is that businesses need to continue being operational and efficient with a substantial percentage of the workforce offsite. Even with the relaxing of lockdown restrictions, many employees continue to work from home. Thus, a clear and concise work from home strategy is vital.

Effective communication is key to this work from home strategy. Cloud hosted PABX solutions (such as 3CX) are on the rise, while Microsoft Teams is ideally suited to enabling collaboration amongst colleagues and business partners. Getting the full value of these solutions is fundamental to a sustainable work from home strategy, and this is where Yealink’s work from home products can really benefit your business.

Working from home typically means that a large amount of time is spent on voice and video calls. In fact, web meeting usage has increased more than 300% since the start of the year. Headsets play a critical role in maximising productivity and ensuring that workers are communicating professionally while not sacrificing productivity. The Yealink UH36 USB headsets were launched earlier this year, just as the headset market boom set in. Not only are the Yealink headsets certified and fully integrated with Microsoft Teams, but they also have a 3.5mm jack for use with most mobile phone brands, should you be using a mobile application as your preferred softphone client. The Yealink headsets offer unparalleled audio and voice quality, with dynamic equalisation which adapts to the audio stream (ideal for switching between voice and music) and noise suppression to cancel out that pesky background interference.

For personal voice conferencing, the Yealink Bluetooth Speakerphones are a must have. The built-in Bluetooth will connect directly to your Bluetooth enabled mobile phone or laptop, creating a mini conferencing solution for your home office or huddle room. The Yealink CP700 makes use of two omni-directional microphones, while the Yealink CP900 has a 6-microphone beamforming array, for every meeting space requirement. The Lithium Polymer battery with extended battery life ensures you are never left wanting, even in the event of a power outage. Support for Microsoft Teams and Skype for Business, as well as other leading softphone and virtual meeting services, means you will only need a single device for any service you choose.

Cloud based PABX solutions make setting up a home office increasingly simple and eliminate the need for complicated VPN solutions to have access to the company PABX and getting your extension in your home office. The choice of handset for your home office is also crucially important for convenience and practicality. The Yealink DECT phone series provides an ideal solution, allowing you to move freely in your space without compromising on voice quality.

Video conferencing between colleagues working from home and those in

Poco M3 is official with 6,000mAh battery that can charge other devices

The Poco M3 is now official, becoming the third member of the company’s most affordable series. It immediately grabs the attention with its striking design – a mostly uninterrupted screen on the front is contrasted by a large rectangular camera island on the rear. That rest of the rear comes in a textured anti-fingerprint finish and three colors – Power Black, Cool Blue and the flashy POCO Yellow. The Poco M3’s biggest feature is its huge 6,000mAh battery. It supports 18W charging and will even charge other devices at 18W with the correct cable. Poco is proud of its battery,…

Motorola Moto E7 unveiled with a 48MP camera, Helio G25 chipset

The Moto E7 is finally official, a couple of months after the Moto E7 Plus went live. The two phones are quite similar, naturally, this is just the more affordable version. How much more affordable does it get than a €150/₹13,000 phone, which is currently discounted to €112/₹9,500? Well, keep in mind the pre-discount prices of the Plus as the vanilla E7 will start at €110-120 in Europe. The major differences between the vanilla and Plus versions of the E7 are the chipset and the battery. The Moto E7 is powered by the MediaTek Helio G25 chipset, which has eight Cortex-A53 CPU cores and…

Cyber Hygiene for System Health and Online Security

Organisations in the COVID-19 pandemic era have been forced to look at their security hygiene best practices in order to minimise risk, data leakage and non-compliance, while still allowing for operational flexibility and efficiency. 

Employees have increasingly been both allowed and encouraged to use their own devices to remotely connect to the corporate network. As a result, connectivity and digital resources at the office as well as the home have become more intertwined, meaning that minimising risk has become more critical than ever.

Cyber hygiene refers to the practices and steps that companies need to take to maintain system health and improve online security. In my opinion, cyber hygiene has not changed significantly over the past year or two, but has just become more relevant to apply, due to the complexity of whether networks are operational on premises, in the cloud or following a hybrid model.

When implementing your cyber hygiene practices, you must start with the basics. Your employees need to use strong password protection and authentication. Simple passwords can make access easy and allow threat actors to gain entry to the company’s network. It is a good idea for the network managers to ensure regular password changes by all employees, so that access to the network is periodically changed. This can occur at intervals of every three, six or nine months, for example, depending on your company’s aptitude to manage it and not lose productivity. 

Implementation of two-factor and multi-factor authentication is necessary to create strong access management, particularly when it comes to sensitive network areas. Asking your employees to take at least one extra step when logging in, for example needing to input a temporary code that is sent to a smartphone, adds an extra layer of protection. Having just one password in place, without further authentication requirements, makes it much easier for threat actors to gain access to your network and/or your financial data. 

In addition, it is important to section portions of the network so that individual users are able to access only what they need to complete their role. This means that if a staff member’s credentials are compromised, limitations on their side will in turn help to limit an intruder’s unlawful access. 

The ‘bare minimum’ cybersecurity requirements for any business in which people work both remotely as well as from an office include a next-generation antivirus that is up to date, connecting to your corporate firewall that will steer all traffic through it and thereby protect your edge devices from the outside. 

Software updates are an extremely important part of the cyber hygiene strategy. Thousands of vulnerabilities are identified daily from previously unsuspected products and trusted vendors as the cyber threat evolves.  Therefore, it is necessary to manage what employees are installing onto their work devices and ensure that they are not adding anything that could bring risk to your organisation. If you aren’t managing this, you are making your network more vulnerable and leaving yourself open to attacks.

Enterprise networks with thousands

Amazon Echo Buds can now track your workouts

Amazon has released a software update for the Echo Buds, which allows the TWS earphones to track your workouts using the built-in accelerometer. The Echo buds can also estimate the workout distance, step count, average pace, overall time, and the calories burned once you’ve completed the Workout Profile in the Alexa app. Additionally, the new update now lets you start a workout and do other activities by giving voice commands to Alexa. For example, you can say, “Alexa, start my run” to start a workout, or ask “Alexa, how far have I run?” to check the progress. You can check all…

Motorola Moto E7

Motorola Moto E7 specs include a 6.5-inch display with 1600x720px resolution, Helio G25 processor, and 2GB RAM accompanied by 32GB expandable storage. There are a dual-camera setup and fingerprint scaner on the back of the phone. Motorola Moto E7 is powered by a 4000mAh battery and Android 10 out of the box.